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About Kootenay Livin’ Apparel

Apparel with a purpose

Kootenay Livin’ Apparel was created by Karli Melnychuk. She was born and raised in Creston Valley, and grew up doing many outdoor activities & sports. Karli has always had a passion and appreciation for exploring the outdoors. Growing up in the Kootenays she was always doing something in the mountains. Dirt biking, bush cruisin', fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and everything in between. 

 Recently Karli and her husband became new parents and knew right away that they wanted to teach their baby and future kids the importance of the outdoor Kootenay lifestyle. 

Karli was inspired to create a Mental health clothing line and a Kootenay cancer collection by being a cancer survivor herself. In 2015 She was diagnosed with stage 3, Nodular sclerosis, Hodgkin's Lymphoma (blood cancer.) She underwent chemotherapy at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital in Cranbrook,BC. In 2016 she was declared "in remission." She has created an Instagram platform called "Life after Lymphoma" where she connects with cancer survivors/fighters all over the map!

Every Kootenay cancer item that is purchased 20% of the sales are donated directly to the Cranbook,BC oncology department. Karli's mental health apparel line is created to help get people talking, ending the shame and stigma, and encouraging people struggling to reach out and get the right help. $2 from every mental health item sold is donated to the Creston Valley Secondary School's new "Canoe counseling program." Their program gets students out of the building and into nature. A school counselor and student go for a canoe counsel session on the Kootenay River. 

With building this brand Karli and her family hope to capture the love and community that we all share for livin' in the Kootenays.

Providing quality clothing, happy customers and creating a brand that they are proud of is very important.

Happy shopping!

Thanks for supporting Kootenay Livin Apparel.

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